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Burn-in Test Socket Product Line (Part C)


  • Wide range of selection including BGA, QFN/CSP, QFP, LCC, PLCC, SO, SOJ, and SSOP.
  • Wide selection of burn-in sockets for QFN leadless devices.
  • Wide selection in the industry of sockets for BGA and CSP devices.
  • open-top surface-mount device socket and the open-top ball grid array socket
  • Short lead times with many socket configurations

Open-top BGA Sockets

QFN/CSP Sockets

uPGA(Micro PGA) Sockets

Land Grid Array (LGA) Sockets

PLCC Sockets

LCC Sockets

SO Sockets

QFP/TQFP Sockets

SOJ Sockets

SSOP Sockets

BGA Sockets

mBGA Sockets

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