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LED Package

We offers 2 types of ceramic packages for high power and/or high brightness Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). One is a multilayer ceramic package with a reflector cavity and another one is a thin film metallized substrate. Both aluminum oxide (alumina, Al2O3) and aluminum nitride (AlN) are available.

Multilayer Ceramic Packages with Reflector Cavity

  • Compact Size < 4mm x 4mm
  • Reflector of Angled Cavity Wall
  • Silver (Ag) Plating for Good Reflection
  • Both Al2O3 and AlN Available
  • AlN with 150W/mK Thermal Conductivity
  • Array Form Shipment
  • Surface Mount Package

Thin Film Metallized Substrate

  • Tight Tolerance of Pattern
  • Aluminum Surface Finish for Good Reflection (Optional)
  • Both Al2O3 and AlN Available
  • 0.5 m max. Surface Roughness for Good Thermal Dissipation
  • Pre-deposited AuSn on Die Attach Area for Good Die Bonding (Optional)
  • Surface Mount Designs Available
  • Array Form Shipment
  • AlN with 170, 200 and 230W/mK Thermal Conductivity

Part List:

Part Number  Reference Drawing Package Outer
Array Size Package Per Array Reflector Wall Angle 
LED01 KD-LA3159-A 4mmSQ 102x61.63 242pcs 45/70
LED02 KD-LA2L10-B 4mmSQ 102x61.63 242pcs 45/70
LED03 KD-LA2G69-A 3.786mmSQ Ref 96.54x58.14 242pcs 45/70
LED04 KD-LA2715-C 4mmSQ 102x61.63 242pcs 53/75
LED05 KD-LA2707-C 4mmSQ 102x61.63 242pcs 45/70
LED06 KD-V93B95-B 3.035x2.024 Ref 102x61.63 690pcs 90
LED07 KD-LA2070-C 3.035x2.024 Ref 102x61.63 690pcs 90
LED08 KD-LA5M97 3.5mmSQ 85x68.48 336pcs 50
LED09 KD-LA6005 3.5mmSQ 85x68.48 336pcs 50

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